The WorkWELL program was developed for insurers to provide specific services for individuals experiencing mental illness, to be delivered by mental health specialist occupational therapists.

CWRS combines our expertise in vocational rehabilitation with mental health occupational therapy, to help people recovering from psychological illness to improve their functioning with home and community based activities of daily living, with the ultimate goal of return to work.

CWRS occupational therapists will work with an individual  to increase their functional capacity and help them return to WorkWELLNESS.  The occupational therapist will develop individual treatment pathways to stimulate wellness, reinforce strengths and provide practical strategies to increase participation in daily activities and attainment of goals.

If the worker is work ready at the time of the referral, the occupational therapist will meet the worker and the employer at the workplace, to devise a suitable duties program and provide education in the best way to support a person with mental illness to return to work.

If the worker is not ready at the time of referral to immediately return to work, the Occupational Therapist may implement the following treatment strategies:

  • Establish a foundation of self management skills
  • Acknowledge the brain and body connection
  • Sensory modulation interventions
  • Psychoeducation, identification of triggers, early warning signs and stress vulnerabilities
  • Energy conservation and pacing strategies for management of chronic conditions
  • Use of neuroplasticity principles and informed techniques aimed to change the brain map
  • Mindfulness, meditation and linking to other sensory based treatment modalities such as yoga
  • Consultation with key providers