CWRS Vocational Consultants conduct suitable job search and host employer/ work trial placements for insurers (WorkCover, Workers Compensation, self-insurers, life insurers and CTP) in Maroochydore, the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and north to Gympie, Maryborough, Bundaberg, Gladstone and Cairns.

CWRS will work with our clients to identify a vocational goal that is within their existing education, training and experience. We assist our clients to re-focus their attitude from the limitations they experience from their injury or disability, to what abilities they maintain in relation to their future employment roles.

CWRS Consultants will  empower the client and help them to create a shift towards focusing on their future potential.

New Employer services are warranted when a worker is unable to return to work with the same employer, due to varied reasons such as the lack of available suitable duties, implementation of permanent restrictions, or due to a breakdown in relationship between a worker and their employer. CWRS’ Consultants are skilled at conducting job preparation support; job seeking sessions and host employer searches.

Host Employer

Host Placements are utilised to facilitate a workers progression in work fitness and to establish a foundation of new skills that complement their job seeking goal. Host employer placements can be considered when an individual has been away from the workplace for a long period of time, and requires a period of work conditioning before returning to their pre-injury role or before they are ready to job seek for paid employment.

CWRS has a proven record of securing meaningful and sustainable host employment for injured workers. Upon initial referral, our consultants will investigate a clients unique skill set and then canvas suitable industry sectors that are a direct match to the skills and interests of our clients. Through many years of experience, our Employment Consultants have developed contacts across most industries and we maintain and cultivate these relationships on a regular basis.

Job Search

  • Our Consultants will formulate a tailored Job Preparation and Placement Strategy that is ‘individualised’ to suit the specific requirements of each worker.  This process may include
  • development of a Resume and Covering Letter targeted to the worker’s vocational goal;
  • uploading job seeking profiles to relevant job seeking boards or on-line portals;
  • education regarding the hidden job market and setting clear expectations in terms of accountability for applying for jobs
  • CWRS’ Employment Consultants and Rehabilitation Counsellors will prepare our clients for job seeking by discussing disclosure of injury, interview skills and job seeking strategies.   CWRS has developed written handouts that provide additional information about employment canvassing; reverse marketing; the use of social media platforms; how to upload a SEEK profile; the importance of networking and utilising other job platforms.
  • CWRS also links injured workers with local recruitment agencies and helps workers to explore the ‘hidden job network’ and their own local and personal networks.
  • Resumes and Applications: CWRS is able to provide our clients with a high quality resume, generic or job specific cover letter and provide assistance with selection criteria. All written material is presented with a focus on an individual's specific strengths and attributes.

Developing a job placement strategy that outlines clear SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely) and expectations regarding ultimate job placement opportunities